Beware the Sleeping Dog

a mystery

Mavis Walker has a stalker, but that’s not her only worry. She has a past that’s dogging her as well. The more she struggles to cope, the harder her troubles hound her.

Chapter One

When I moved back to mid-coast Maine, my life seemed perfect. I’d slammed the door on my not-so-recent past and left my troubles behind. Or so I thought until my mechanic shattered that illusion. She told me there was a global positioning device mounted inside my Jeep’s left front wheel well. Apparently someone was tracking me.

Suddenly the strange things that had happened to me over the past few days—and that I’d dismissed as coincidence or just plain bad luck—didn’t seem so random. The GPS was intentional and personal.  Read more »

How To Get the Book

Beware the Sleeping Dog will be offered as a password-controlled PDF file on this site and for purchase as a download into e-readers through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Follow this blog for specifics.

What Readers Are Saying

Wow! I love the first page! I can’t wait to read the rest. You certainly know how to pull in the reader. – Patti Seng

Congratulations, and hurry with the last chapter. I am impressed and cannot wait to read the whole thing. – Carrie Cass

3 thoughts on “Beware the Sleeping Dog

  1. I love your blog! You have a lot to be proud of for this great achievement. Congratulations on your first novel. Can’t wait till it’s available on Amazon!

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