How to Finish that Book

The 45/15 rule for writing. Recently I read that one particularly productive author (I don’t remember who!) sets a timer for 45 minutes and then writes during that block of time. When the timer goes off, she steps away from her computer and does some totally unrelated task. It works! I’ve tried it. I seem to write with more energy in shorter blocks.

The 15 minute rule for writing. Then I read the reverse. Write for 15 minutes, then return to the other demands of life. That works as well. There are times when I am overwhelmed with all the day-to-day must-do’s or just plan wanna-do’s. But even then I can convince myself to spend 15 minutes with focused writing.

Just write! The important thing is to write. Write. Write. Every day. Little bits of progress are preferable to NO progress.

So sit down at your computer. Think and type and marvel. Then enjoy a cup of coffee. Go to work. Mow the grass. Walk the dog. Ride your bike. Or even take time for a good night’s sleep. You’ll be ready—even eager—to write for another 15 or 45 minutes.

Gotta ride my bike. Later …cool_ride

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