Read to Write

I read somewhere that an author should read 10,000 words for every 1,000 she writes. Imagine, a job that encourages … no, mandates! … that I read. Perfect.


Speaking of perfect, my husband Wayne Reidinger took this photo from our back yard. A perfect rainbow. And the pot at the end of this rainbow for me: Completion of my second mystery. Not quite there yet, but enroute. In the meantime, I can read. Read! And read.

I think Robert Blake Whitehill expresses the read-to-write philosophy best in his January 1, 2016 guest post on “The Writer’s Digs” by Brian Klems:

Yes, this really is about writing. So, I mean it. Read everything. Authors can get so swept up in our core writing, feeding the ravenous social media beastie, and schlepping hither and yon for signings, that the window for reading narrows into a gunslit blocking all but a ray or two of literary sunlight. Focus on your subject area, but also broaden your tastes. You’ll have a deeper reservoir of tropes and details in which to dip your quill. Refreshing your inner author with invigorating reading will help prevent your style from becoming stale. The evocative power of reading is what inspired you to write in the first place, isn’t it? Stay connected to that wellspring of fresh ideas


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