Maine: My Inspiration

I write about the State of Maine and its people and its environment. Thus when I return from a visit there I am energized and ready for a fresh restart on my current novel. I traveled there and back with Wayne and his camera.

I have two vignettes to share with you that capture the hold which Maine has on my heart. The first is a rare up close and personal osprey moment at Wolf’s Neck Woods State Park. While Wayne clicked the shots, I stood in wonder watching the show. A parent osprey came bearing a gift for the family. Then one of the nestlings tested his wings with a hop and skip midair on the nest edge. He decided against fledging at the last minute. But I’m betting he took flight before the day was done.


That testing and reconsidering is somewhat like the debut author considering submitting her/his novel. I’m ready! I’m ready. But not today. A worthy novel is like a good wine. It needs time to age to its full bodied flavor. And often a little more editing and refining is required to reach that point.

The next vignette: Walking far out on the low-tide shoal in that sweet spot between Spinney’s and Popham Beach. Wayne captures me in a moment of bliss at the edge of the Atlantic … actually surrounded by the Atlantic. No one else in sight. Alone. Inspired. Much like writing. Sitting at my computer. Alone. No one else can write my book for me.

There were other moments as well–not documented but seared in my memory. Precious time spent with my sister and brother. Welcome visits with my nieces Rebecca and Karen. A Lexi manicure–I could see the woman-to-be in the graceful lines of her thirteen-year-old-face. A boisterous lunch with some very special members of the Libby clan. Aah. Maine.


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