Writing Is an Obsession

My posting today is about the guest column for the May 21st issue of The Writer’s Dig by Brian Klems. The column is written by Frederick Pinto and he calls it “5 Tips on Making You a Tough (& Better) Writer”. His words resonated with me and herewith is my interpretation of Pinto’s message:

1. My first drafts will be embarrassing. And they are!
2. If I particularly love a sentence or paragraph that I’ve written, delete it. It probably doesn’t belong.
3. Writing is cathartic. Indeed.
4. Good writing is equal parts obsession and technique.
5. I write because I must. I am driven by my obsession to write.

To read Frederick Pinto’s column, go to http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/5-tips-on-making-you-a-tough-better-writer?et_mid=753324&rid=


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