To fix or not to fix?

Alas. My book is well into its 5th month of being offered on Amazon and just now I’ve made a mind-numbing discovery. Or rather my son did. On my very first page, I refer to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park as ‘Wolf’ not ‘Wolfe’s’. It boggles my mind! I remember doing the research, discussing it with several Mainers, and making sure that Wolfe’s Neck State Park and Wolf’s Road were properly identified throughout the manuscript. However, somewhere in all the editing iterations—developmental, copy, line, etc—and spell checks, ‘Wolfe’s Neck’ became ‘Wolf Neck’. Was it a gremlin or am I my own worst enemy?

I reread my book before each book discussion and still I was oblivious. I wonder if anyone read my sample chapter on my blog, caught that obvious faux pas, and decided against buying the book. Certainly anyone from Freeport would have noticed, perhaps anyone from Maine would even notice. And certainly anyone like myself who grew up in Freeport and who knows the trails of Wolfe’s Neck State Park almost as well as their own backyard would catch it.

Worse I responded defensively. I offered excuses. (Well, colloquially locals refer to it as Wolf Neck.) I explained the lengths I had gone to in order to avoid such a faux pas. I even was annoyed: why hadn’t he read the first page before this late date? Belatedly I followed rule #1: accepted the input, thanked him, and now will decide for myself what I’ll do about it.

Should I reissue my e-book with the correction or leave it alone until I submit it to a traditional publisher along with Book II next year? What would you do?

2 thoughts on “To fix or not to fix?

  1. Karla – I would leave the Wolfe’s Neck thing just as it is. The book is awesome. I finally got it on Johns Kindle. I’ve been trying to get it on Barnes and Noble Nook but with no luck. Now because it’s been a while since I’ve read the first few capters, I’m starting over. Can’t wait for next book. Alicia

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