November: National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo: This is my version of the NaNoWriMo madness. If I inadvertently sound like anyone else, I apologize. I’m joining this movement without really joining. And I’m doing it my way. Here’s my plan:

1. Write. Every day in November. I will sit in my desk chair at my computer and actually write.
2. Finish. My 50,000 word whatever will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Completed in 30 days.
3. Focus. Writing my 50,000 word mystery shall be my primary job for 30 days.
4. Reward. At the end of November, I’m a winner! If you join me and complete your task, you’re a winner also!
5. Caveat 1. A 50,000 word manuscript falls short of the acceptable length for a full-length novel.

Shelby123 “… a perfect weekend read. k.a.libby describes each character in such a way, you feel as if you know them yourselves. …The person whom you suspect to be her “stalker” may be obvious; the twists and turns of her character description leads you elsewhere. Looking forward to the sequel!” All reader comments and ratings at (Search on “Beware the Sleeping Dog”)

6. Caveat 2. Thus my 50,000 word something will really be a draft of my first draft.
7. Caveat 3. Alas. November is the beginning of the end of the year celebrations. How will I ever enjoy my daughter’s visit and prepare a celebratory Thanksgiving feast and WRITE? Translation: I really must write a 50,000 word manuscript in 20 days. Sigh.
8. Caveat 4. I must also continue to market “Beware the Sleeping Dog” and post on my blog with some kind of regularity. Yikes!
9. Caveat 5. I cannot take a 30-day leave of absence from work for NaNoWriMo.
10. Caveat 6. I must take time to work-out. I cannot afford to let myself go for a month because it’ll take 2 months to get back on track. At least two months, perhaps even four. Remember beach-time (translation: bathing suit!) in the Bahamas in January. 
11. Can I really do this? Sure. It’ll be … fun?
12. Remember: 50,000 words in a month do not a novel make. Like the aging of a fine wine, it takes time to develop its complexity and to hone its distinctive flavor.
13. A beginning. NaNoWriMo is a means to an end. I will write 50,000 words in November … more or less. Then for the next 11 months, I will rewrite. Rewrite. Rewrite.
14. Are you game?
15. Am I crazy? No, I’m just a normal driven, high-on-words writer.


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