Working on my final draft … I hope!

I am working on (what I hope is) my final draft of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, before I submit my manuscript to prospective agents.

 I created a checklist to assist me in my final draft process, and I added a caution about verb tenses to it. But I am my own worst task master, and I didn’t stop with my critiquers’ advise. I added a dizzying array of items for measurement against my own critical yardstick: pithiness, character thrust, appropriate use of italics versus quotes, show don’t tell, page turners, consistent plot threads, and POV, while keeping an eye on a catchy sales pitch (query letter). Help!

 I’ve experienced a lot of what I consider “spinning my wheels” over the past three years, but in the process I am learning! I believe each day I am a little better at what I am doing than I was the day before.

 My advice to anyone who aspires to writing a novel: write on!

4 thoughts on “Working on my final draft … I hope!

    • Eileen, thank you for your continuing support and expertise. I’ve tried to write a novel which would sweep the reader down a path of intrigue and culminate in a satisfying ending. I hope it meets that criterion for you! Karla


    • You’re so right … There’s always changes, corrections, enhancements. Before you know it, you’re writing the next story instead of finishing the current one.

      It’s nice to hear from you. Thanks for your encouragement.


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