Writer’s pact

My very talented niece Karen McDine and I have a pact:  

She will record a CD of 6-8 of her yet-to-be completed original songs and I will be working on my second novel and be fully involved in the marketing process for my ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ manuscript before we meet again in nine months.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s pact

  1. “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”… I’m so- intrigued! ; )
    Your blog really looks great Auntie!
    I love the cute kitten pic… and the beautiful Maine coast… That’s Wolf’s neck, right?
    Well, I’m finally getting a chance to sing and play guitar tomorrow! It’ll be the first time in 2 weeks! My friend/co worker from Health coaches, asked me to personal train his clients while he vacationed for a couple of weeks. Phew… 6-8 PT clients a day is tough! (I definitely prefer 4-5) Any who … there has been no time to sing, play, record … create.
    So … I’m so- glad we made this pact! From here on out, I will make time for it everyday!
    Happy writing and I’ll see you sometime in August. Until then, take it “One day at a time”. We can do it! Love you ~Karen

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    • Please keep me posted with news of your progress. I love reading about what you are doing to further your craft … and your career.


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